Critique of Meindle’s Management and Leadership Styles

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  • Published : November 30, 2008
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Case Analysis: Zelte USA


Kimberley Coleman
Strayer University
BUS 520
Critique Meindle’s management and leadership styles.

Meindle’s approach to management resembles a hierarchal structure, with orders coming down from the top with very little upward communication. He didn’t pay much attention to individual personalities. Maintaining tight control over all company operations was the way Meindle managed Zelte. He refused to allow other sales representatives to contact the company’s largest customers. Meindle also meddled in the day to day operational activities of the company. For example, Meindle signed every purchase order, instead of letting the purchase manager sign for it. He reviewed every piece of mail that was delivered to the company. He was also rude and at times obnoxious. He degraded female employees. Spoke in German during company meetings to those who understood German, despite the presence of other non-German speaking managers. He made all of his office staff take lunch the same time that he did which was separate from the plant employees. He refused to allow other sales people to call on the company’s largest customers. He set unrealistic expectations for customers. Had sales people promise delivery between 5-6 weeks, however, the company normal delivery is 12-14 weeks. Despite all of Meindle’s negative management and leadership styles, he remained part of the team. He continued to work very hard and was also active in sales and help developed a reputation of providing high quality products in the industry.

Critique Meindle’s use and misuse of the various types of power.

The ability to achieve business goals and maintain profitability by being better than the company’s competitors was Meindle’s primary concern. However, to accomplish this Meindle misused his power which led to unethical behavior. He secretly charged increase pricing to one of the company’s largest customer’s invoices, without...
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