Critique: Ned Kelly and Sergeant Kennedy, and the Significance of the Murders at Stringybark Creek

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  • Topic: 1984, Writing, Olympic Dam, South Australia
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  • Published : April 7, 2011
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In this essay, I will critically evaluate the article by Hugh Morgan entitled ‘Ned Kelly and Sergeant Kennedy and the Significance of the Murders at Stringy Bark Creek, Quadrant, 28 (December, 1984). The events that occurred at Stringy Bark Creek are very significant as it has several profound impact on the local society at that time. The text seems to associate what Morgan does as a respectable figure in the business world with the activities of Ned Kelly. The author does this by referencing a source or stating a point and then bringing in the subject of Ned Kelly. The specific topic of this text is to promote Morgan’s environmental campaign against the mining industry by relating it to Ned Kelly’s experience. Morgan was the executive director of a Western Mining Corporation before he retired. While Morgan was writing this article, Roxy Downs Mine was in the process of being established to carry out uranium mining in South Australia. Morgan used this article to strongly express his dislike of this uranium mining project. Hence, Morgan uses Ned Kelly as a reference of what society is capable of when they feel they have been treated unfairly. The text was written in 1984, at about the same time as the Roxy Downs Mine was being opened. This resulted in many protests (particularly from environmentalists). Furthermore, Bob Hawke became the new opposition leader for the Australian Labour Party (previously, it was Jon Howard). Bob Hawke was a much stronger advocate of the environment and supported environmental issues such as climate change. As we are made aware in the text, Morgan has been labelled as someone who is skeptic of climate change. As the reader progresses through the text, the reader gets the impressesion that Morgan is implying and believes that Ned Kelly was a criminal rather than a hero. He also implies that citizens will not act against mining companies because it is not stated in the law. Morgan feel that the public does not have much power against...
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