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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Brianna M. Audelo
ENGL 120C: Persuasive Writing
Dr. Laurie Camp Hatch
Nonsense University
Why is it that staying home to read a book is not at the top of a child’s priority list? Obviously it is because children would much rather be outside playing a game of baseball with friends than staying in to do school work. Children usually do not find school subjects interesting. In school, students learn the necessities that will generally help them get through life. Children typically are more interested in things they learn outside the classroom such as sports, video games or the Internet. What if these interests were brought into the classroom and taught? Gerald Graff, the author of “Hidden Intellectualism” argues that there is more than one way to measure intelligence. This essay significantly considers how Graff’s beliefs on “Hidden Intellectualism” can be related to today’s education system. While I somewhat agree with Graff I find it difficult to completely believe that children should be taught only of topics that interest them for the reason that a student should be well rounded and have a general understanding of the other basic academic skills.

In Graff’s essay, he gives details on his idea that children are not benefiting from learning basic subjects and that it would be more beneficial for them to be introduced to more modern skills that will interest them and make them want to learn. In the essay Graff incorporates his own personal experience with being interested in baseball. He says that sports affected his “anti-intellectual” actions because what he was learning in school was not stimulating his mind while sports and baseball were. Graff states that he experienced something that eventually made him realize that being academically smart can be very beneficial but that other outside interests should be incorporated in school to make the learning experience more appealing. He uses this experience as a source of credibility to...
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