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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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“Five Steps of Tyranny”

Written by:Sheena McDonald

Directed by:Elizabeth McIntyre

“Five Steps to Tyranny” is a documentary written by Sheena McDonalds revealing those mere five steps to implement tyranny and thus convert democracy and dictatorship. The tendency to do evil by the ordinary people like you and me has polluted the whole world in various forms. Adolf Hitler did not invent the idea of Nordic supremacy: the German society for racial hygiene dates from 1895, and was not originally intended as anti- Semitic force. It only concerned with maintaining the vigor of a racial group. Its founder separated the Jews along with Aryans as two worlds’ premier civilizing forces. When people become separate they become “them” and does any bad thing that happens to them does not matter. Bad things between Turk/ Armenian, Russian and Jew, German and Jew, German and slave, Hindu Muslim, serb and Bosnian. The program shows a teacher doing a miniature sociological experiment with her all white pupils. She creates a prejudicial segregation between her blue eyed and brown eyed pupils. Former are insisted to be the better than the latter. Consequently there is some instant hostility towards members of our group. This ruthless behavior seems strongly reminiscent of behavior also seen in animal kingdom. The Stanford prison experiment was a study of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prisoner guard. The experiment quickly grew out of hand. Prisoner suffered and accepted humiliating treatment from the guards. The high level of stress progressively led them from rebellion to inhibition. It had to be ended only six days.. To implement tyranny, the documentary insists that all people under your wings are to obey orders. Authority figures add to the tendency to obey. A man in a uniform eradicates all the impulsive responses that where there in his absence so, acting without thinking lies at the heart of emergence of tyranny....
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