Critics of "The Beast Within" Article

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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I strongly disagree with the first interpretation that ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ “is a seven minute tom and jerry film” for the pure fact that contains ideas of revolution that is appropriate to that time period , the ideas of evolution and the battle between science and religion. The novella emphasizes this very clearly as there key references to God “cried out loud to God” and other reference to the evolutionary idea of human from apes by Charles Darwin “ape like fury”. I clearly contradict that idea that it is a case of a “cute puss” transforming “into a beast” but rather an enigma of morality and duality in oneself, it portrays one to recognise themselves and the beast within, is the temptation of id from the Freud’s theory and is the consequent meaning of the novel. It is not a mouse and a cat but the good and the bad and the binary opposite of our characteristic. This suggests that I agree the allegorical interpretations of the story but not to the extend that Richard Dury goes to in noting that Mr Hyde is an “allusion to homosexuality” as the evidences are vague and irrelevant. I do agree the atmosphere of Edinburg as said a city “divided into two” and is relevant to Jekyll-and-Hyde. I, can simply affirm that Clayton Hamilton’s belief of the sotry happening amongs gloomy doorwyas of the Scottish capital is ridiculous and is an absolute foolish belief to have, the reason for this is because he does tells us that is among a gloomy doorway which could be any gloomy doorway in the world and does not tell us why it is specifically the Scottish capital.
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