Criticism on the Concept of Leadership

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If you are in leadership – if you are in a position of leadership – if you lead in anyway – you will be criticized.  Criticism and Leadership go together.  The President of the United States leads – he does so in many ways.  I would venture to say that if you did a Google search for the president’s name in the news today – that you would find criticism.  It is a part of leadership. But criticism is not necessarily a bad thing.  Criticism comes from disagreement or bad thinking.  Criticism is a window to the soul – not of the soul of the person being criticized – they haven’t said anything.  Criticism is a window to the soul of the person criticizing.  They are sharing their ideas, their passions, and their worldview. Something that has been criticized was something that was important enough to be remarked about.  Boring ideas and boring actions – don’t bring about criticism because it is not remarkable. Criticism has the ability to amplify the situation.  You can use it to amplify your leadership or you can use it to amplify your insecurity and fear. The media often suggests that ‘heroic’ leaders are vital to making a successful business. Such leaders make things happen. They are heroes because they alone have the vision, personality and capability to bring things about in the business, either by themselves or through others. Leadership and the “Dark Side”:

Although not denying that leaders have special qualities, it could be argued that focusing too much on leadership can create problems. For example, this approach may lead to the conclusion that a business without a heroic leader may not be able to function properly. Or it might suggest that the heroic leader is the most important thing to organizational effectiveness. It also perhaps devalues the role and importance of other employees. There is evidence to suggest that effective businesses are those which are more concerned with the creativity of their products and...
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