Criticism on Love Is a Fallacy

Topics: Narrator, Narrative mode, Unreliable narrator Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Unreliable Narrator

From the perspective of how figures of speech help to characterize in Love is a Fallacy

An unreliable narrator is a narrator whose credibility has been seriouly compromised in fictions (as implemented in literature, film, theatre, etc). It is a narrator whose account of events appears to be faulty, misleadingly biased, or otherwise distorted, so that it departs from the “ture” understanding of events shared between the reader and the implied author. The discrepancy between the unreliable narrator’s view of events and the view that readers suspect to be more accurate creates a sense of irony. The term does not necessarily mean that such a narrator is morally untrustworthy or a habitual liar, since the category also includes harmlessly naïve, or ill-informed narrators. A classic cases is Huck in Mark Twain’s Adventure of Huckleberry Finn. He is too young to understand the events he is relating and commenting on. Sometimes we can immediately see the nature of the narrator. For example, a story may open with the narrator making a plainly false or delusional claim or admitting to being severly mentally ill, or the story itself may have a frame in which the narrator appears as a character, with clues to his unreliability. And there are other ways of presenting the narrator: to delay the revelation in the middle of the story as well as delay it until near the end. It is obvious that the authors want to express some certain idea by the unreliable narrator and let the readers to search during their reading process, which requirs a reading capacity within readers. But they can find out the right idea of the author only through the well characterized protagonist. Here I will try to analyse the function of figures of speech on characterizing an unreliable narrator in the text Love is a Fallacy. Figures of speech can best demonstrate the artistic charm and effect of literary works. They can also do good to the characterization of a particular...
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