Criticism of American Apparel

Topics: Dov Charney, American Apparel, Undergarment Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: February 2, 2013
There has been sexual harassment lawsuits filed against Charney, in which he denies (Smith). He was an amateur pornographer and uses his ‘expertise’ in his ads (Smith). He has had workers working for him that were unable to supply proper working papers (Clark.) “Legalize LA’ is a campaign started by the company (Showcase & Discover Creative Work). These are all factors that result in much criticism of American Apparel. For Dov Charney, walking around the office in his underwear is normal. However, for everyone other than Charney, this is abnormal behavior. According to Charney, he frequently drops his pants to ‘market’ his new products (Mankiewicz). Dov Charney has faced quite a few lawsuits for harassing sexually harassing female employees. In March 2011, a former employee who was only 19 filed a lawsuit alleging she was sexually harassed by Charney after going to his house to talk about being rehired as a model and photographer (Holson). Along with this employee, three other women also filed claims with the Los Angeles Supreme Court (Holson This lawsuit is the second one to be filed against Charney during the month (Holson) Prior to March, American Apparel CEO had been sued at least four times since 2000, accused of “creating what some women said was a sexually charged, hostile environment” (Holson.) Those charges have since been dismissed.

It is obvious that Dov Charney is a sexual being. It shows in the lawsuits filed against him accusing him of sexual harassment, and it certainly is seen through advertising for the company. American Apparel is definitely not afraid to show a little skin in advertising. If an individual were to look at an American Apparel ad without knowing what the company is or their ‘style’, one might be appalled. A number of ads for the company show young girls practically naked, in a provocative style. There are a few ads that show women in thong underwear or even shirtless. In Britain, the Advertising Standards...
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