Criticism and Personality Type

Topics: Personality psychology, Person, Psychology Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: July 3, 2011
1.Sometimes your ego can make it hard for you to receive criticism of your own solutions. Do you think some personality types are naturally better at receiving criticism than are others? What strategies can you use to be more receptive of criticism of your own ideas and solutions?

The ego does make it hard for some of us to handle criticism especially when you believe that your education and experience gives you the right (so to speak) for you solutions not to be questioned. Regardless of age and experience personality types does make some persons better at handling criticism than some. If your personality type is one of harmonious existence then it will be better for you accept what other put forward as criticism and accept it for the intended purpose. If your personality type is one which is seen as defensive then it will be difficult to accept any kind of criticism whether it is seen as constructive or offensive. The strategy I use when criticism is made of my solution is to judge each comments based on the knowledge that the person who is criticising it has of the topic at hand. If the person criticising my solutions is knowledgeable on the subject matter then I become more receptive that someone who is hearing the argument for the first time. I would also look beyond the reason for the criticism to see if it is a personal attack or if it is just on the subject at hand before I make a decision.

2.When oversimplifying, a person distorts and misrepresents complex matters. How can you find and overcome oversimplifications in your arguments?

Complex matters through over simplifying can be distorted and misrepresented. This can sometimes give information that is not true and mislead the reader or listener. In order to overcome over simplification in your argument it is best to ensure that you are fully knowledgeable on the matter. Read as much as you can on the subject making sure that you are aware of any biases so that these can come out in your...
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