Critically Compare and Contrast the Major Cultural and Institutional Features and Predominant Hr Policies and Practices in the Following Regions/Countries: India and Nigeria

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  • Published: April 27, 2013
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Critically compare and contrast the major cultural and institutional features and predominant HR policies and practices in the following regions/countries: India and Nigeria India and Nigeria, both have earned bilateral relations among them with the passage of time. Both the countries fought against British colonial system to get rid of British rule. Huge multi-ethnic and multi-religious society of these countries, which make them culturally diverse, has resulted in increased and strong bilateral relations(Vasudevan, 2010). In 1958, India developed strong diplomatic mission for the independence of Nigeria, which resulted in Nigeria’s independence after two years(Wikipedia, 2013b). Cultural Features of India and Nigeria

Culture of a country basically symbolizes the human intellect level and achievements of the local inhabitants, collectively. Culture varies a lot from country to country. It is the means of communication among the local inhabitants of a place and reflects their values, attitude knowledge, motives(Wikipedia, 2013a). Before measuring cultural differences in India and Nigeria, we first need to establish significance of basic cultural features that measure overall behavior of a society. Intercultural Dimension:

According to Professor G. Hofstede(Greif, 1998), intercultural comparison can be done based on five dimensional model, discussed here in detail: * Power Distance
This dimension measures the social impact of equality and inequality among people of that particular society. If society is aimed to achieve equality, on the basis of power, wealth and status among its people, then it is said to have low power distance. On the other hand, if there are social difference among people of a society on the basis of power, wealth and status then it is said to have higher power distance. This inequality in society emerges by following caste system which may lead to instability in society. * Individualism

Individualism measures the degree to which a...
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