Critically Analyse the Customer Loyalty Programs of Harrah’s

Topics: Customer loyalty programs, Marketing, Loyalty program Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Critically analyse the customer loyalty programs of Harrah’s Identify main issue.clearly & adequately explain y/how they r important. Additional embedded/implicit issue a)Comments on the elements that made them successful.

There are four key elements that led Harrah’s to be the world leading company in the entertainment industry. The first vital element was the Total Gold/Total Rewards customer loyalty program which aimed is to drawing more revenue from existing customer. Total Rewards program was outstanding compare to others competitor because they offered high quality service to each of the customer based on tiers. As in like the higher the tiers (Diamond), the greatest the level of service provided. Besides that, Harrah’s thought of customer’s psychology, thus to extended the reward program to all game when customers are felt unlucky. Next, the card given able to use in any of Harrah’s properties, customers would felt convenience and kindly feel toward Harrah’s. The second element was Decision Science tools. This tool enables employees to gain valuable insight into customer’s spending and preferences. Understand customers are always the key success for organization. While Harrah knows their customers personal information, they are potentially to customize offer to each of the customers. Besides that, Harrah’s enable to estimate how much they would earn on an individual customers. This help Harrah’s to estimate how much they earn on certain period so that easier to make decision on others expenses, such as advertising, promotion. Moreover, tracking staff’s performance will also the key role to made success. The third element was Harrah’s Hotel Revenue Management System which aimed to optimize the sum of gaming while on the other hand boosting hospitality revenue too. Its made success when majority of existing customers are stay with Harrah’s which they are having priority or privilege for room booking. Hence, they would felt valuable compare to new customers...
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