Critical Thinkning Week 2 Detecting Bias

Topics: Firearm, President of the United States, CNN Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Detecting Media Bias
HUM 214

(week two paper newspaper detecting bias report)

Detecting Media Bias
A CNN news report talks about gun control and why our president is trying to take away our second amendment, the right to bear arms. They start out by discussing how the president has many people with guns trying to protect him at all times. Just like a form of a mafia. They stand on roof tops around the white house and where ever our president is. It showed pictures of the people hired to protect the president, holding their guns like snipers all around the property. The fact that is it okay for our president to have this protection but the common person should not have this right. They mention how there are laws already set in place for people who want to purchase guns. We are talking about the people who need and want protection, not the people illegally buying guns off the street. Before you can buy a gun, you have to do a background check. It also talks about people with mental disorders and why they should be prevented from buying a gun legally. The president thinks that by taking away our right to bear arms, there will be less blood shed while the pro-gun citizens feel it is taking away protection from them, their families, and against people who illegally own guns to rob and or kill the random or predetermined person. They could have no way of protecting themselves against seven bad guys with bats and knives without a gun. This news story showed the point of view our president has, vaguely. It also showed a woman telling a side of the story from the pro-gun community and their concerns on safety being threatened if our rights are removed from the constitution. It was a bit argumentative, which is understandable when you have so many people believing in so many things. Of course we all wish we didn’t need to feel that necessity to protect ourselves from “bad guys.” It ended with a scene with what looked like a prestigious man from the NRA holding...
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