Critical Thinking Skills

Topics: Critical thinking, Academic degree, Higher education Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: March 21, 2008
Making the decision to return to school was not an easy decision, but returning to school will create a better future for my family and me. Trying to get a college degree while I have to work full-time and raise children will be a challenge. This challenge will be worth the hard work, however, so that the future is better for all of us. Learning new skills and knowledge is something that is required every day in my job. Currently, I am not eligible for promotions because I do not have the necessary college degree. Also, when I try to compete with others for jobs that do not require a college degree, the other applicants have some type of formal education on their résumés that outweighs my background. I want this college degree so I can compete with others for the jobs for which I am qualified. Today’s employment market is filled with talented people who have various degrees, speak multiple languages, and have varying experience levels. Without a degree, it will become more difficult as I get older to find a position I not only enjoy but that also provides for my family. 1. MY EDUCATIONAL GOALS

At the end of my degree program, I hope that I gain skills in three areas: critical thinking, writing, and collaboration. Of these three areas, I think my critical thinking skills need the most attention. I need to work on the following areas:

Improve my ability to look at other options
Improve my ability to ask open-ended questions
Improve my ability to do research
To develop my critical thinking skills, the first thing I need to so is develop some type of study schedule. I usually am very busy from 6 to 7 AM because I have to get my children off to school. I am thinking that studying in the evenings and during my lunch hours will give me the best chance of being able to focus on my school work.
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