Critical Thinking Simulation Decision Making Tools and Techniques

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  • Published: October 29, 2008
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Critical thinking—systematically evaluating information inputs—is an important managerial requirement in today’s dynamic world. A decision-maker is subjected to an information overload, each seeming to suggest a different problem and a different solution. This simulation requires a manager to differentiate between real problems and symptoms, devise alternate solutions, and measure the impact of those solutions. Our paper will provide details of the problem evaluation tools and techniques our team encountered in the simulation as well as the techniques utilized to evaluate the decision making process outcomes. Finally, our team will discuss what changes in the decision making techniques that could have generated better results.

Critical Thinking Simulation

“Now, more than ever, managerial decisions have far-reaching consequences in the way that organizations fail or succeed in bridging commerce and compassion, sustainability and profitability, and move from vision to effective strategic implementation. Solving problems, making decisions, and picking the courses of action are the most critical aspects of being in charge because it is risky and very difficult" (Safi and Burrell, 2007). A bad or unethical decision can be damaging to a company and a career. High level decisions usually require someone reviewing the companies overall goals and objectives to align the solution with the problem. Bad decisions are usually made when critical thinking is not a part of the decision-making process or other human factors such as personalities, assumptions and perceptions are used in the decision making process.

Critical Thinking in the Decision Making Process
“Critical thinkers: distinguish between fact and opinion; ask question; make detailed observations; uncover assumptions and define their terms; and make assertions based on sound logic and solid evidence” (Ellis, D. Becoming a Master Student, 1997). Critical thinking helps to ask...
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