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The Lion King is an animated film by Walt Disney. The movies entail trust, character, suspense and betrayal. The story presents a story about lion’s race and their kingship story. It began with the story of a lion’s cub journey to adulthood and acceptance of his royal destiny. Simba begins life as a young cub with a promising future of becoming a king when he attains the stage of adulthood. He is the son of King Mufasa. Simba’s happy childhood took a tragic turn when his uncle, Scar strategically murdered the king and blames Simba as the curse of the King’s death and suggests that Simba ran away from Pride Rock in order for him (Scar) to be king. While in exile, the young lion befriends a pair of warthog and meerkat named Pumbaa and Timon respectively and the three combined lived a carefree jungle life. As Simba approaches adulthood, he coincidentally met his childhood friend Nala and the past began to unfold. He also had an encounter with Rafiki, the monkey, from his past and later on was later visited by the spirit of his father urging Simba to take his place in the circle of life as the rightful king and the true heir to the throne of Pride Rock. Simba was finally persuaded of going back to Pride Rock and confront his uncle Scar for the throne. It was later learnt that Scar was the brain behind king Mufasa’s death and wanted to kill Simba also for the second time but Simba defeated him and reclaim Pride Rock and the hyenas were banished also. The Lion king, Embraced by most children and adults alike, the film spawned hit musics like “Can you feel the love tonight”, “The Circle of life”, also entails the likes of Elton John, Tim Rice and Hans Zimmer. In late 2002, the Lion king was re-released in the large screen IMAX format.

In Critical Thinking, a sentence is considered vague when it is unclear what the messages or the ideas the speakers intend to convey. Vagueness can be caused by unclear standards, confusion over the context, imprecise choice of words, and regional or cultural causes. In the movie The Lion King, here we have found a few examples of vagueness and our explanations.

Vagueness 1:(09.05)
Yes, Simba’s response tells us that Mufasa is actually making a vague statement, because there is no further explanation afterwards on the statement that he has made. We totally have no idea the exact responsibilities to becoming a king, nor what it takes to be king. In this situation, the vagueness is evoked due to the confusion over the context. For instance, do someone need to be more ruthless?, Or more merciful?, to become a king? We never know from what is stated by Mufasa. It at the same time causes ambiguousness here.

Vagueness 2 (14.25)
Here comes a concise example for the vagueness analysis in the movie.

Apparently, Simba’s and Nala’s reaction shows that they are confused by what Zazu is actually trying to imply. Zazu uses some choices of words that Simba and Nala have difficulty in understanding. These imprecise choices of words causes confusion for Simba and Nala, as they are oblivious to the meaning of the choice of words zazu employed. Both Simba and Nala does not understand Zazu’s use of deep and complicated language.

And at last with this simple but easily-understandable sentence, Simba and Nala finally understood the message that Zazu wants to express.

Vagueness 3: (03:15)
Refer to the Circle of Life scene and Painting scene.
In these two scenes, we can see Rafiki is doing the same action which is applying something, looks like juice and sand, on the forehead of Simba. Nothing really explains what Rafiki’s actions unless you have Christian experience that it’s a symbolization of a baptism-like ritual on Simba.. As an audience without any Christianity knowledge, you would not have known that Rafiki’s action of putting the sand and coconut juice he collects on Simba’s brow as a ceremonial crown in fact has its hidden...
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