Critical Thinking & It's Application

Topics: Critical thinking, Scientific method, Reasoning Pages: 4 (1104 words) Published: January 28, 2008
Critical Thinking and its Application
Critical thinking is usually described as a process of analysis and evaluation. Steven Schafersman (1991) compares critical thinking's analysis requirement to modern scientists: "Critical thinking can be described as the scientific method applied by ordinary people to the ordinary world. This is true because critical thinking mimics the well-known method of scientific investigation: a question is identified, a hypothesis formulated, relevant data sought and gathered, the hypothesis is logically tested and evaluated, and reliable conclusions are drawn from the result. All of the skills of scientific investigation are matched by critical thinking, which is therefore nothing more than scientific method used in everyday life rather than in specifically scientific disciplines or endeavors. Critical thinking is scientific thinking. Many books and papers describing critical thinking present its goals and methods as identical or similar to the goals and methods of science. A scientifically-literate person, such as a math or science instructor, has learned to think critically to achieve that level of scientific awareness. But any individual with an advanced degree in any university discipline has almost certainly learned the techniques of critical thinking (para. 12)." Considering the possibilities of proper management, one would assume one of the pre-requisites for taking a step higher for a company would be to have understanding and knowledge of critical thinking. However, the theory of critical thinking remains with different opinions and misreading, causing criticisms and bias in the workplace. Understanding critical thinking in my previous workplace, Depiction Software, became difficult and futile. There was never a sense of logical managerial skills within the workplace, which had caused to fail. Critical thinking contains significance in decision-making processes as well. How often is this process used, though?

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