Critical Thinking Is Used in the Business World and in People's Private Lives Every Day.

Topics: Critical thinking, Decision making, Thought Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: October 25, 2008
Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is a tool that every individual needs to learn to use. Critical thinking is used in the business world and in people's private lives every day. Critical Thinking: Tools for taking charge of your learning and your life, 2e states, "The best thinkers use their ability to think well in every dimension of their lives" (Paul and Elder, 2006). Critical thinking skills will enable you to make effective decisions. Global Knowledge states, " Effective decision makers are those rare individuals who are able to consistently identify and choose the best option among multiple alternatives. Their decisions are imaginative, reasoned, and defensible" (Business Skills, 2008, ¶ 1). Critical thinking is needed to make effective decisions in the construction world. Construction companies need to evaluate everything, from the jobs being done to improving the time their being done. Construction companies have to analyze safety hazards, how many jobs are taken on, and the quality of work being done.

In my personal experience I used critical thinking when owning my construction company. I thought out scenarios such as the best people to hire. I asked myself who the best person to hire was, who had the most experience, the better portfolio, and would work at my pay rate. This was just one example. I also needed to ask myself what qualities would I look for in an individual to lead my construction crews. I needed to evaluate each individuals work ethic and their quality of work before making a decision. Another example of critical thinking in construction is safety. Construction workers need to be aware of safety hazards. Therefore, workers need to be aware of mandatory safety rules and laws. As an owner it is my responsibility to make them aware of these rules and laws. I had to critical think about the best way to make sure these rules and laws were followed. After the first couple weeks of repeating myself to them, "Put on your hard hats," I...
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