Critical Thinking in Making Sexual Decisions.

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  • Published : September 20, 2011
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How do you use the principles of critical thinking in making sexual decisions? Give an example from your own life in which your own life in which you would use critical thinking to make a decision.

I would have to say, that critical thinking has made several places in my life for my sexual decisions. I am very skeptical with a lot of things I do in my life including sex. I like to read books and get the facts on things. So, when I decided I was ready to start having sex (as a teenager) I informed my mother. She and I both read up and watched videos about sex. It discouraged me to be sure I was ready to make that step into the sexual community. I was not! I waited a long time before I walked that road. I feel watching those videos and reading books about STD’s and pregnancy helped me to know that sex is nothing to play with. Sex is very serious and you have to be sure it is something you are ready to do. There are a lot of things that come with sex, not just pleasure. My mom was very understanding when I informed her of my decision. I am very grateful for her to sit me down and inform me of all the pro’s and con’s (more con’s than pro’s) of sex. I was also informed of how to protective myself from the consequences of having sex, with condoms and birth control pills.

I plan to do the same thing with my daughter. There is no reason to be afraid of sex, just be ready for what comes with sex. Our children need to be aware of all real life situations now-a-days.
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