Critical Thinking Assignment

Topics: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: July 7, 2012
Critical Thinking Assignment
Cheryl Hageman
June 25,2012

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions that is still in exsistance today. Those who follow Hinduism say that it is not a religion that it is in fact a way of life. The law that governs all of a Hindu's life is called a Dharma. Hinduism, has its own beliefs, ethics, philosophy and theology. The question of origin in Hinduism is that there is no origin.

If you look in the Bible for the answer, you will not find any mention of Hinduism. It has been said that Hinduism is a sophisticated system that makes every possible attempt to maintain its complex polytheism with one hand and the worship of nature on the other hand.

The second question is the question of identity. To all practicing Hindus all living things are a manifestation of God. They have never seen themselves above the plants and animals. This is because the plants and animals on earth provide them with food. They believe that the plants and animals have been placed on earth and should be worshipped.

In Hinduism the questions of Meaning/Purpose has four main goals they believe should be followed exactly. The four goals of Hinduism are pleasure, wealth, harmony, and liberation. The first two goals are torturous to those who practice Hinduism. This is because it causes a very large deal of suffering. The other two goals are easily acheived by those who practice Hinduism. Thier main idea of salvation is to overcome the desires considered to be evil. The two evil desires that are considered to be evil to be pleasure and wealth. In order for those who have accepted Hinduism as a way of life strive to become Moksha. This according to Hindus...
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