Critical Thinking Application Paper

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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Critical Thinking Application Paper
Critical thinking is a strategy used for decision making. To make a decision on any situation and achieve a goal or objective, requires the proper application process. Thinking is a primal process, humans have the need think in order to live the day to day events of life. Thinking requires the visualization and the perception of all possible angles of any given situation. Perception is also a significant part of the thinking process. Individuals may perceive information to be not important can have critical relevance in the decision making process. Another influence on decision making are individuals personal barriers. Personal barriers can have different personal issues. Enculturation as a barrier plays an important role in decision making as well. Indivduals from different schools, religion, cultures, geographical positions become obstacles for a clear and sound decision making.

Critical thinking involves three interconnected phases: 1. It analyzes thinking; by focusing on the parts of thining in any situation-its purpose, question, information, inferences, assumptions, concepts, implications, and point of view. 2. It evaluates thining; by figuring out its strengths and weaknesses-the extent to which it is clear, accurate, precise, relevant, deep, broad, logical, significant, and fair. 3. It improves thinking; by building on its strengths while reducing its weaknesses.

A work related problem that is truly one of the worst of my own personal experiences was not only a critical thinking situation but also an ethical one as well. Because I work in a day spa where massages are performed the ethical issues play a big roll in some of the critical problems in the spa industry itself. A two story building that contained a male only spa on one floor and a female spa on the other, with two separate owners working together to market and operate the spa’s as sister companies. A manager of the female spa was responsible for all of...
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