Critical Thinking and Sexual Decision Making

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Marriage Pages: 4 (1645 words) Published: October 22, 2011
Checkpoint – Critical Thinking and Sexual Decision Making
Brianna Nichole Foster
Yvonne Moore

Critical thinkers maintain a healthy skepticism. They examine definitions of terms, weigh premises, consider evidence, and decide whether arguments are valid and logical. When making an important decision in your life, it can be extremely helpful in thinking critically about certain situations. For example, sex or sexual intercourse is something all people should take seriously. Sure, when people think about sex, they tend to think more on the positive side of the effects of sex. However, there is much more to take into consideration: are you young? What would happen if you were to get pregnant? Are you in high school? What if your partner has a(n) STD? Do you have effective protection? Are you mentally ready for that type of commitment? There are more questions to think of that many people don’t tend to think about when making the decision to become sexually active. There are eight principals of critical thinking that you can turn to when making an important decision. The first principal is to be skeptical. When it comes to sex or any sexual intercourse, there is a chance that you could feel pressured to engage into it and/or someone is trying to persuade you into engaging into it. Don’t believe all is true until you have personally weighed the evidence yourself. Truth is some partners will say anything to get someone else to engage in sexual intercourse with him/her. He or she could state that it is OK to not use a condom and that he or she will be safe about it. The fact to this is that using no condom is very dangerous. Sure, you may not get pregnant, but what about the possibility of a STD. Your partner may say he or she is clean, but how sure are you that, that is completely true? Do you have a personal note from his or her doctor with lab-test results on it? The next principal is to examine definitions and terms. In some...
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