Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning

Topics: Reasoning, Thought, Logic Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: March 24, 2013
1) Charles doesn't tell Chig right away about his plan to visit his family. This idea or implication can help in deducing an inference of Charles’s feelings about the visit. For instance, when someone doesn’t tell right away about his/her plan to visit a certain location, he/she doesn’t really seem filled with excitement, anticipation, or even happiness. As a result, there could be a critical or momentous reason for doing that such as having the presence of a conflict or enigma. Similarly, Charles doesn’t really seem filled with rapture and joviality toward visiting his mom. This idea can be clearly supported by the sentence depicted in story that we have studied which is : “something new and almost ugly had come into his eyes : fear, uncertainty, sadness, and perhaps even hatred.” In fact, there was another inducement or reason behind all of that which can be depicted by the following locution: “When people experience a misunderstanding, a confrontation may be helpful because it helps in resolving even the most complicated enigmas and dilemmas since confrontation is a momentous guideline in reaching the prosperous objective. And as they say progress can’t be made without a conflict.” Obviously, there was the presence of an unresolved conflict between the mother and her son Charles. Consequently, Charles confesses about the conflict that has been stirring inside his chest. He tries to find a solution for his dissatisfaction when he visits his mom.

2) Chig’s grandmother refuses his offer to help her get up. She says, “Only time I’ll need help getting anywheres is when I die and they lift me into the ground.” Based on her comment, a certain conclusion can be drawn. By thinking about a strong aging person in my family, I might be able to infer that Mama is very proud and wants people to understand that she is not feeble. Or I might think about a time when I was hurt or sick and hated having to rely on others to take care of me. This is considered to be a...
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