Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking Worksheet

• A position opens in your department at work. You recommend to a coworker and friend in another department that she should apply. You previously consulted with this person on small projects, and she appears knowledgeable and responsible. In fact, you became friends through these work contacts. Your friend appreciates your recommendation and arranges a meeting to ask you more details about the work done by your department. The meeting is productive, and your friend takes notes to help with the application process. Your friend stops by your desk a few days later to thank you for your help, because the application was long and detailed. She confides that some of the information she included on the application is not entirely accurate. Some of her work experience did not match the job requirements and needed to be reworded for a better fit. Your friend thanks you again and says, “I hope we’ll be working together soon!”

Write five questions to help you think through the situation and determine a course of action.

• Question 1: Why did I ask someone from a different dept. to work in my dept.?

• Question 2: Why did she not tell the truth on the application?

• Question 3: What will happen if she does not get the position?

• Question 4: How will this look on me when my employers ask who recommended her?

• Question 5: Why did she thank me when all she did was sign the application inaccurate?

Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions:

• Why did you choose these questions?

It seems that the questions just started coming into place when I could not understand why she would thank me before her interview, which is not even guaranteed she will have. Plenty of consequences have been set in my mind that I may be at fault in this situation and could give me a bad reputation. I seem to have lost respect and trust not only for my employers but to a friend...
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