Critical Thinking

Topics: Emotion, Leadership, Paul Ekman Pages: 4 (1389 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Leadership is an act of guidance that creates successful results. Leadership encompasses both human and knowledgeable qualities. Daniel Goleman and Mitch McCrimmon provide research and their personal conclusions about leadership. Goleman believes that there are human qualities involved in providing leadership, while McCrimmon identifies that there are technical approaches involved in leadership.

Although each author discusses different aspects of leadership, both aspects are important in providing effective leadership. In this report, I will identify the research and other experiences that influence each author’s major conclusion and will provide my opinion on the more convincing article.

According to Goleman, decisions are made based on emotions, which results in leadership. This is evident at the beginning of “The Emotional Intelligence of Leaders”, where Goleman provides a personal encounter involving emotional intelligence and leadership. He and his wife were traveling and see a man in a wheelchair, soliciting on the street. Goleman gives the man some cash, but the cash falls onto the street. As Goleman drives away, he realizes that the man is disabled. Another individual sees that the disabled man has encountered a problem. The individual solves the disabled gentleman’s problem by getting out of his vehicle and returning the money. Goleman states that the individual’s reaction to the disabled man’s problem contributes to emotions. The individual’s decision to help the disabled man results in leadership. When someone mentions the word “emotions”, it is connected to feelings. Feelings are observable actions. Some individuals are full of emotions and it is evident because they are compassionate and stable. If individuals lack emotions, they lack feelings and are indifferent about any sensitive matters.

Emotions also have inner and outer influences and are structured where one can distinguish right from wrong. Goleman describes five...
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