Critical Thinking

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Critical Analysis Forms

Fill out one form for each source.

Source 1 Title and Citation: Marijuana Is Not Addictive
Armentano, Paul. "Marijuana Is Not Addictive." Marijuana. Ed. Mary E. Williams. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 2003. At Issue. Rpt. from "Setting the Record Straight on Marijuana and Addiction." 2008. Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 6 June 2012.

Identify the principal issue presented by the source.
Marijuana is not Addictive

Identify any examples of bias presented by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this. ‘Marijuana is widely accepted by the National Academy of Sciences, the Canadian Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs, the British Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and others to lack the severe physical and psychological dependence liability associated with most other intoxicants, including alcohol and tobacco. Further, pot lacks the profound abstinence symptoms associated with most legal intoxicants, including caffeine.

That's not to say that some marijuana smokers don't find quitting difficult. Naturally, a handful of folks do, though this subpopulation is hardly large enough to warrant pot's legal classification (along with heroin) as an illicit substance with a "high potential for abuse." Nor does this fact justify the continued arrest of more than 800,000 Americans annually for pot violations any more than such concerns would warrant the criminalization of booze or nicotine.’

I feel like the author contradicted himself.

Identify any areas that are vague or ambiguous. Explain your reasoning. I couldn’t find any statements that were vague or ambiguous. The author detailed this article pretty well.

Do you find the source credible? Explain your reasoning.Yes, I do find this source credible because “Paul Armentano is the senior policy analyst for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws”. Now if someone without power talked about this article then no I wouldn’t have found it credible.

Identify and name any rhetorical devices used by the author. Explain your reasoning. Irony and hyperbole: Now if I can only get NIDA to fork me over that $4 million check.

Identify and name any fallacies used by the author. Explain your reasoning. Argument by popularity: Marijuana is shown out in the media for the world to see. Two wrongs make a right: While I was reading I found that the author stated that there was a study going on about marijuana. Now if marijuana is illegal why test it on people who will try and buy some on the street. I understand marijuana is one drug that is not addictive but the testing shouldn’t be allowed either.

State one argument made by the author.
According to state and national statistics, up to 70 percent of all individuals in drug treatment for marijuana are placed there by the criminal justice system. But don't try telling that to the mainstream press—which recently published headlines worldwide alleging, "Marijuana withdrawal rivals that of nicotine." The alleged "study" behind the headlines involved all of 12 participants, each of whom were longtime users of pot and tobacco, and assessed the self-reported moods of folks after they were randomly chosen to abstain from both substances. Big surprise: they weren't happy.

Identify the premises and conclusion of the argument.
I believe the premises are:
However, it is doubtful that marijuana is addictive in any meaningful sense. Most people in treatment programs for marijuana addiction are there because they've been ordered to attend following arrest for possession.

I believe that the conclusion of the argument is ‘As a result, cannabis's withdrawal symptoms are typically limited to feelings of mild anxiety, irritability, agitation and insomnia.’

Is the author’s argument valid or invalid, sound or unsound, strong or weak? Explain how you determined...
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