Critical Thinking

Topics: Critical thinking, Skill, Learning Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: January 20, 2013
I am following last lecture, I learned about Critical thinking, problem solving process and team formation process with advantage of working together on group and your role, expectation in the team. I also learned about how to team is formed, developed and performed as” Tuckman” highlighted four stages of team development Forming Stage, Storming Stage Norming Stage and Performing Stage.

We did individual SWOT analysis from where formed five groups according to the SWOT analysis which helps to formed group easily and systematically. With the group we did the KT analysis and Duncker Diagram about choosing different coffee shop. This exercise helps me to identify my personnel skills in a group, motivates to perform and enhance my communication skill. Defining the actual problem where it came from, solve by critical thinking where Paul and Elder’s highlighted “Socatic Question to the Situation to learn the real problem”. So did different reading exercises” Where Is Oil” where project was unsuccessful cause statistic people could not learn what was actual problem instead finding more alternative solution .

By doing the different exercises during my lecture week and working in team, I learned about value of team work and its formation , how your communication skills is important ,what is your role in team and how you can contribute in your team which helps to develop skill working together in team using different technique i.e KT analysis and Duncker Diagram. At the end , by doing different types of group exercise which helps me build up my critical thinking skill ,strong communication skill and pros and nos of working as team which help in future build up career in working as team leader . REFERENCES.

* Tuckman, Bruce W.”Developmental Sequence In small Groups”, Psychological Bulletin, 63,PP.384-399,1965. * Guideline from Text book Strategies For Creative Problem Solving (Edition II) ,H. Scott Fogler,Steven E. LeBlance * Linda Elder And...
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