Critical Thinking

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Appendix I

Critical Thinking Worksheet

Chose one of the following scenarios:

You are a member of a group working on a class project. The group members are enthusiastic about the project and arrange a meeting time to begin planning. You forget to mark your calendar and miss the meeting. The group posts a summary of the meeting with assignments and deadlines for the project. You apologize to the group and agree to complete the topic research for the project. You realize you have a paper due in another course on the same day your research is due and concentrate most of your time on your individual assignment. The paper takes longer than you thought, and you are unable to conduct research for the group project by the deadline. You feel bad about this and do not respond to inquiries from group members. You post a message to the group explaining you are having computer problems. The group expresses their empathy and proceeds without you, completing and submitting the project with your name included.

Write five questions to help you think through the situation and determine a course of action.

Question 1: Where the issues that caused me to not do the research in my control *
Question 2: What do I need to do to get my time management under control. *
Question 3: Why did I not communicate my problems to the group *
Question 4: Why did I not let the instructor know of the issues I was having. *
Question 5: Why did I feel the need to lie about why I did not do the work

Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions:

Why did you choose these questions? I choose these question because they are the main problems in the scenario. I read over the situation and asked myself what could I have done differently to have a different outcome. these are the main issues that could have been resolved. All if the issues were controllable and the questions that I came up with would help me...
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