Critical Thinker and Driving Miss Daisy

Topics: Virtue, Thought, Driving Miss Daisy Pages: 3 (1207 words) Published: April 26, 2013
There are four primary values of a critical thinker. The values are important for a critical thinker because it allows you to be open minded and think clearer. Having the primary values of a critical thinker will benefit you when you’re going through certain situations. The four values of a critical thinker are: autonomy, curiosity, humility and respect. The first primary value of a critical thinker is autonomy. This value is a very good value to have. This value allows us to not only listen to our own views, but to others as well. When people only listen to their own views and what they think is the right way, they make mistakes. The critical thinker should listen to all the possible possibilities. An example of autonomy is not allowing yourself to passively react to situations; you should also control your actions and your thoughts. Clear your mind and you can see the truth. Using autonomy everyday could really benefit you. It will allow you to understand how it positively impacts your life. You will be able to listen to other people who do not have the same views as you, and you will think clearer on the topic knowing what everyone view is. Autonomy is not about forgetting your own beliefs. It’s about allowing yourself to be open minded to other options because sometime you may be wrong about something. If you want to be a critical thinker, make sure you use the value autonomy. The second primary value of a critical thinker is curiosity. This value allows you to learn how use your curiosity and use it to your advantage. Curiosity makes you want to learn new things. Asking plenty of questions can help your curiosity. If you don’t know something, you should surround yourself around someone who you can gain an understanding from. You will learn a lot of new things if you learn to ask the right questions and do so until you get the right answers. Reading and asking questions is the best way to use your curiosity value. Being able to learn new things is a really...
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