Critical Theories

Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Terrorism, Counter-terrorism Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: April 19, 2011
Antionette Stewart
April 12, 2011
Law Enforcement
CJ 384
1.Which is the greater threat—domestic or international terrorism? Why? International terrorism because it’s foreign based or directed by countries or groups outside the United States against the United States. 2.Does your police department have a counterterrorism strategy in place? If so, what is it? The USA PATRIOT ACT which gives police unprecedented ability to search, seize, detain or eavesdrop in their pursuit of possible terrorist.? 3.What type of terrorist attack would you fear most? Bioterrorism because it involves chemical weapons of mass destruction. 4.Do you feel Americans have become complacent about terrorism? No because when the tragic of 9/11 took place, many organizations were created to prevent such loss from happening again. 5.What provision of the USA PATRIOT ACT do you think is most important? Updating the law to reflect new technology because technology advances rapidly meaning new ways of creating weapons and on forth. This helps the US greatly when dealing with terrorists. 6.What barriers to sharing information among the various local, state and federal agencies do you think are most problematic? Lack of deconfliction (which means guidelines to avoid conflict) protocols and interoperability (the compatibility of communication systems such as emergency medical service, fire and excuse, and police and across levels of government) issues. 7.Does media coverage of terrorist acts lead to more terrorism—that is, do you think the contagion effect is in operation? Yes because the mass media can become a force multiplier because reporting can increase the psychological aura surrounding terrorist event. 8.Should Americans expect to give up some civil liberties to allow law enforcement officers to pursue terrorists? Yes because the public expects law enforcement to deal with the terrorist threat:”Law enforcement must adapt and be practical to...
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