Critical Summary.

Topics: Film director, Ingmar Bergman, Stanley Kubrick Pages: 3 (1212 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Critical summary.

The analyzed extract represents an interview of Ingmar Bergman by Charles Thomas Samuels. Ingmar Bergman – a famous Swedish film director, writer and theatre producer was born in 1918.His psychological films are well known all over the world. He wrote the scripts for most of his films and won awards for many of them. The title of the text deals also with the whole book written by Ch. Thomas Samuels who went around the world to meet one by one with a great number of the best living film directors. Samuels had a style that came off on paper as probing, celebral, sometimes presumptuous, and not infrequently hairsplitting, going beyond challenging questions into pointed arguments over «implausible» bits of dialogue and sound effects and the worth of this or that film. The extract leads about the life of Ingmar Bergman, to be more exact, about the process of his becoming as a film director. The following text is written in the publicistic style and represents a blend of a dialogue, description and an account of events. As it’s a dialogue, the whole extract is written in the first person. The analyzed interview is concerned with the modern world as it took place in the twenty first century. The conversation between two men was going on in a free and natural atmosphere. In the exposition we find out about Bergman’s childhood that was not very easy. He always suffered of an almost complete lack of words. His education was very rigid. He had very few contacts with reality and playing with a puppet theatre and a projection device was the only form of his self- expression. In the gradation we find out why Bergman preferred the profession of a director to the profession of a writer. The gradation is especially well-expressed in the questions and emotions. Bergman confessed that writing was never his cup of tea. It was always difficult for him to find words he wanted. He felt...
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