Critical Review on Enterprise Architecture Research Articles

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Critical review on Enterprise Architecture research articles2

Critical review on Enterprise Architecture research articles


Enterprise Architecture is a term that broadly describes each of the major components and relations constituting the firm (Harmon, P. (2003). Information technology’s strategic responsibility and its importance all through the firm enhance the complication whereas meanwhile it also increases the demand of dealing with additional contradictory needs. Issues pertaining to architecture are becoming increasingly crucial to create a booming organisation. Thus, apparent risks that significant resources will be invested in absence of desirable impacts may occur in cases of mishandling of such problems in a firm (Sauer et al. 2003). Enhanced IT management is considered as an important element for some time (Brancheau et al. 1987, Niederman et al. 1991, Gottschalk 2000). The idea of Architecture was established into IT Management study at least three decades ago. Information Systems Architecture or Information Architecture was mainly focused during that time (Zachman 1978, Bowman et al 1983, Zachman 1987, van der Poel et al. 1989).However, the recent studies has given attention on the way to link Information Systems Architecture and Business Architecture. Hence, due to the resulting study, increased number of broad ranging architectural frameworks has come out. Such frameworks are generally stated as “Enterprise Architecture Frameworks” (Spewak 1992, Williams et al. 1998, Rohloff 2005). Further, Enterprise architecture plays a role of a coordination tool to manage information security in a business network of machinery maintenance services business (Pulkkinen et al., 2007).Thus, the purpose of this assignment is to critically evaluate two papers in context to enterprise architecture.

This review first discusses Bartenschlager & Goeken’s (2010) article about IT strategy Implementation Framework - Bridging Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance. The theme of this powerfully argued article is that that governance requires to be analysed to implement IT strategies on various stages of abstraction and that a framework is vital to guide IT strategy execution to analyze, monitor and control the needed outcomes.

The basis of this paper is build upon the concept of design science in IS studies (Nunamaker, Chen and Purdin, 1991, March and Smith, 1995). This paper is of great significance because previous studies generally do not highlight any relation among the concepts. For instance, Brown and Grant (2005) present a literature review of IT governance; the concept of enterprise architecture is not mentioned in their article, and IT architecture is only mentioned with reference to the IT governance framework developed by Weill and Ross (2004a, cited in Bartenschlager & Goeken, 2010). In a similar manner, Chan & Reich (2007) described the topic business-IT alignment based on the previous literatures; however, the concept EA was not mentioned. Yet, Chan & Reich present the strategic alignment framework of Henderson & Venkatraman (1993, cited in Bartenschlager & Goeken, 2010) in their article. Therefore, a relationship between IT governance and EA would seem logical which is discussed in depth in this article.

There are three particular requirements for ITSIF raised in the given paper by the authors, yet the authors had knowledge about the paper being of a subjective type and additional research might result in diverse needs. However, in accordance to Siau and Rossi (1998 cited in Bartenschlager & Goeken, 2010 ), the options corresponding to this particular case must be on the basis of the research question and existing prospects. The authors in the given article have tried to meet the obligations of competence and efficacy by grouping EA for planning and ITG for implementation to...
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