Critical Review of the Research Paper by Xu Wu, 2007

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3.Critical analysis3
4.Conclusion and critique4

Critical review of the research paper by Xu Wu, 2007
Stakeholder identifying and positioning (SIP) models: From Google’s operation in China to a general case-analysis framework

1. Introduction

With the increasing complexity of international business, business transactions and decision making, analyzing the stakeholders to know about the situation is becoming more and more popular in the management process. The increasing popularity is reflected among the policy makers, managers and researchers to understand the role played by the individuals or groups (stakeholders) to influence the aims and actions of projects, organizational decisions and policy direction (Walt, 1994 cited in Brugha & Varvasovszky, 2000). The research paper by Wu (2007) aims to describe and analyze the stakeholders involve in the Google China issue with the help of a stakeholder identifying and positioning (SIP) model.

2. Background

There has been a lot of theories and model that have evolved in the course of time to define, analyze and understand stakeholders from the perspective of an organization and organizational decision making but the majority of them fails to link an answer all the questions related to interest, position, influence, interrelations and visibility. The paper is quiet successful in linking all the different aspects or attributes of the stakeholders in relation to Google’s decision to enter or leave China. There has been frequent references found in the literature to define stakeholders framework, stakeholder approach, criteria focused on stakeholders, stakeholders theory, power metrics, stakeholder value and finally the way to include stakeholders in decision making, but as it has been defined earlier that there was a link that is missing, which correlates all the attributes of the stakeholders. The paper is...
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