Critical Review of the Film Redemption

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  • Published : November 16, 2008
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A few of the critics seemed to have enjoyed this film. Critic David Nusair states Jamie Foxx delivered a phenonmenal performance, although on the other hand he thinks the film wasn’t elevated to the highest level of the viewers of his crime. The film is careful not to incriminate Stan “Tookie” Williams for any wrong doing, he is seen punching out assorted folk but we’re not given any clue as to his guilt in the crime for which he is imprisoned states Vondie Curtis-Hall.

The word redemption can be defined as atonement for guilt or to extricate, release and to make good. This film starring Jamie Foxx tells the story of reputed gang leader Stan “Tookie” Williams who while incarcerated experience an epiphany and dedicates his life to making up for mistakesof his youth and redeems himself. Recognized as the founder of the notorious street gang the Crips in South Central Los Angles at the age of 17. Williams hadn’t intended on the Crips to become a gang of crime and violence: he wanted them to do something positive to protect his neighborhood from the street gangs. In a few years the Crips had branches in nearly every state and were know as the biggest and most powerful gang in the country. Ultimately, Williams was convicted of four murders and sentenced to death in 1987 and confined at San Quentin prison. There he decided to become an advocate for peace, harmony, and non-violence. Lynn Whitefield played the role of Barbara Bechnel, a jounalis, writing a book chronicling the evolution of the Crips gang, who interviewed him in prison and eventually abandoned the project after developing a trusting relationship with Williams in order to help him write children’s books encouraging peace and anti violence. In addition, after learning of increased gang violence between the Crips andtheir chief rivals, the Bloods, he recorded a message denouncing gang violence,which was used to negotiate peace between the adversaries. This film was released in . The...
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