Critical Review of Learning Style

Topics: Learning, Learning styles, Education Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: March 9, 2012
Module AC0696 Portfolio 1: Learning for Practice Development| Assessment 2|
Kelly Smith|

Each of us has our own learning style. Learning is an individual process unique to each and every one and as individuals we tend to prefer different learning methods. Some people learn by listening some by reading, some by looking at diagrams and others by reading and writing. The end result of the learning process may be completely different to that of their peers. The following essay will be a critical reflective review that will examine and evaluate my own learning style. Due to the word constraints of the essay it will not be possible to review my own learning style in relation to all theories.

In order to understand and evaluate my own learning style; I first needed to understand what a learning style is. Hartley (1998) offers the definition that learning styles are how individuals approach various learning tasks, however as stated by Cassidy (2004) there is an overwhelming amount of definitions as there are theorists in the subject. In order so I could identify my prevalent learning style, I completed the Honey and Mumford learning styles questionnaire given by the university (Honey & Mumford, 2006), the results of which can be seen in Appendix 1. I discovered that according to this theory; my learning style was relatively evenly spread across the four learning styles (Appendix 2) with a slight leaning towards the pragmatist category. Having evaluated my own study skills I believe that my personal learning style takes from all categories of this particular model, for example; I am keen to try out new ideas (Pragmatist), I question the rationale (Theorist), I am open minded (Activist), I am a good listener (Reflector), I relish new experiences (Activist), I have strong beliefs (Theorist), I tend to speak my mind (Pragmatist) and I prefer concepts which I can apply to practice (Pragmatist). Kolb (1984) developed a cyclical model...
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