Critical Review of Finding Forrester

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Alexz Averette
Professor Allyne
English 101
22 September 2012
Critical Review of “Finding Forrester”
No matter your age or color one should always respect your peers, your elders, and most importantly, oneself. Respect, is a major theme portrayed in the movie “Finding Forrester.” Having respect means having a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something due to their abilities, qualities, or achievements. It can also mean having consideration for someone or something. Respect is a social function, which shows that one recognizes what things are done to benefit yourself and others like you. It plays a big part in our everyday lives from the adolescent stage of our life, all the way through adulthood. In “Finding Forrester” Jamal Wallace’s sense of respect isn’t his writing or his basketball skills, but respecting others and himself.

When Jamal went to school in the Bronx, he only did enough to get by. He didn’t feel the need to do his best when it came to his schoolwork. It was as if he was hiding his gift under a blanket of mediocrity because of his surroundings and what he thought everyone would think of him. He preferred to showcase another gift he had, basketball, a gift he felt was more respected in his community and amongst his friends. Jamal was afraid to stand out academically, which made him do so even more! Although his everyday schoolwork was average C+ work, it seemed his conscience would not allow him to put forth the same lazy effort, thus he showed his above average knowledge through his standardized test scores. He tried to hide the very thing that made him so special, and would gain him the respect he deserved.

Jamal did not begin to respect his gift of writing until he began to attend a prestigious private school in Manhattan that recognized his intelligence. Jamal felt comfortable letting his writing ability shine. Unfortunately, racism and discrimination showed its face, as the professor doubted his ability and constantly...
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