Critical Review of an Exhibition

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  • Published : February 12, 2007
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Queensland Ballet- Visions of Excellence

Nick Young has constructed an exhibition of grace and beauty as his works of fine art display a certain essence of power. The artist has a particular passion for classical ballet, which is distinctly portrayed throughout this beautiful exhibition. The title of the exhibition Queensland Ballet -Visions of Excellence, suggests that Young is displaying professional ballerinas in full flight. Young has created a beautiful exhibition which is inspiring for artists of every genre. The works of fine art make a distinct statement about gender and multiculturalism in the Queensland Ballet. This analysis has focused on three of his works in particular detail these include Group Dance, Pondering and 3 Dancers.

The exhibition contains an array of paintings which all feature striking ballerinas in poise. The artist has focused on the rehearsal scene rather than a performance scene.
The works entail a particular message of power and grace as the true discipline of classical ballet is explored. The characters painted in the scenes look petite yet strong with their lithe and defined physique. "Ballet is one of the most rigorous art forms" says Nick (Brown, 2005, p.31) and it can be clearly seen through his artworks that he wanted to show the sheer determination and discipline of a ballerina. The art form of ballet can look so simple and easy in performance, and often the commitment and dedication that is put into it can be forgotten. The faces of the young fit ballerinas are quite plain and serious, depicting the hardships of the endless hours spent at the studio practising. Young's exhibition evidently identifies and appreciates this discipline as the talented young dancers leap from his paintings in their rehearsal classes. Dance has inspired many artists over the years even some of the masters of the modern era (Brown, 2005, p.31). pg.31). Artists such as Matisse portrayed primitive, ritual dance whilst other artists such as...
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