Critical Review of Albert Einstein Biography

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Critical Review: Albert Einstein Biography
It is true, without any questions, that Albert Einstein was a scientific genius. With all of his advances in science, it makes sense, that someone would write a biography about him. The real question is can anyone do that without making a complete fool of their self? Albrecht Folsing, the author of the book Albert Einstein, is one of the only authors that was able to describe Einstein’s theories and personal life accurately.

Albrecht Folsing is a science journalist who has written biographies of Galileo, Rontgen, and Hertz. Not only was he a scientific journalist, he was also a trained physicist. He was able to study physics in Berlin, Philadelphia, and Hamburg. Folsing worked as an academic research assistant for the German electron synchrotron names Desy. Between the years of 1973-2001 Folsing headed the Department of Nature and Science of the North German Radio and Television. Folsing has written several biographies of physicists, but his biography of Albert Einstein is the most famous.

With his scientific background, it makes sense that Folsing was able to create an accurate biography of Einstein’s scientific work and his personal life. Albrecht Folsing was able to understand almost all of Einstein’s work and because of this he was able to go in depth about it. He made a great effort to explain Einstein’s work and was very accurate. Perhaps his best explanations are of Einstein’s work through the year of 1914. Folsing was able to use The Collected Papers as a guide to help him explain Einstein’s “miracle year”, or the year of 1905 in which Einstein was able to publish four articles that contributed to the foundation of modern physics and completely changed everyone’s views on space, time, and matter. Although very few people would be able to directly understand Einstein’s papers, Folsing did a great job of explaining them in layman’s terms. He did not forget that he was writing a biography and not a...
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