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  • Published: August 3, 2014
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Tourism Theories Practices

Assessment One: Critical Review

Due Date: 10th July 2013

There are many diverse natures of tourism, and each one has a different target audience. The following critical review, critiques the similarities and differences of three academic journal articles from “ The Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management” (2010). The selected articles discuss education through tourism, factors that motivate towards it, and the career opportunities within tourism for future generations. The article’ ‘Location, Location, Location’ — The Relative Importance of Country, Institution and Program’ (Ruhanen & McLennan, 2010) presents the idea of the how location of an institute may contribute positively towards tourism education. The article ‘Tourism and Hospitality Students’ Perceptions of a Career in the Industry’ (Richardson. S, 2010) explores the differences between Australian domestic and international students studying tourism in Australia and the likelihood of them joining the industry upon graduation. The article ‘Generation Y’s Career Expectations and Aspirations’ (Maxwell & Ogden, 2010) states that generation Y’s early experiences in the industry act to discourage them from pursuing careers in the tourism hospitality sector. All three articles are to be discussed followed by cross-relations through the articles.

The article by Ruhanen & McLennan (2010) assesses the relative significance of locations of the educational institutions and the programs focus/detail as a positive factor for undertaking postgraduate studies in tourism. This article is focused on education through tourism; meaning travelling to country or state to enrol in studies. Ruhanen & McLennan (2010) argued that postgraduate students are extremely choosy, far more so than undergraduate students, when choosing a university and schedule of study. Whereas usually self satisfaction was once a key motivator for undertaking a higher level degree,...
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