Critical Review

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Love Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: December 13, 2012



Critical ReVIEW 1

Name: Ly Thi Thu Ha

Class: QH091E7

Semester 6

Hanoi, 3 – 2012 | |Academic Encounters-Human behavior – Bernard Seal Unit 5: Interpersonal relationships

Friendship is undoubtedly a central part of our lives, due to the concerns we have for our friends and also because our friends can shape who we are as a person. According to Tomcmoore (2010), “the need for relationships with other people” is one of the most basic needs that people share in common. However, still, many people fail to recognize the importance of friends in their lives. In chapter 9 “Friendship”, this topic is raised and specifically discussed. In the following lines, I would like to share my points of view on the authors’ ideas and also some of my opinions about the importance of friends and what role they play in our lives.

At the first place, the authors get success in planning the article in a suitable and logical structure. Specifically, they firstly introduce the Initiating relationships in which comprises six steps in order to build up a relationship. Then they give us the nonverbal and verbal first encounter that helps the readers to know how to send impressive message to another person during the first encounter. After that, they indicate some of the Friendship values and functions as well as the Friendship rules which are very useful to help the readers effectively create an enriching, productive, and long-lasting friendship. In this way, the authors are successful in promoting their idea’s persuasiveness and gaining the readers’ advocates.

In the first part of the text, Initiating Friendships, the authors organize their ideas in a...
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