Critical Response of Molloy and Grove’s Article

Topics: Influenza, Swine influenza, 2009 flu pandemic Pages: 3 (491 words) Published: June 2, 2011
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Critical response of Molloy and Grove’s article



H1N1 is a swine flu which was outbreak all over the world in 2009 and

2010.Molloy and Grove both discuss the action that government take to

solve this crisis, but have very different views about its value. While

Grove is positive about the effort that government did, Molloy is highly

skeptical. He argues that H1N1 is not as serious as we expect and

government has overreacted the consequence of the swine flu. By

contrast, Grove is in support of the measures of government to H1N1

although he deems there are some problems with management of the


Molloy and Grove offer different perspectives on government’s

management. The strength of Grove’s viewpoint is that he illustrates

two sides of the event. He points out government’s management is

correct and should be improved. However, Molloy only focuses on

the negative side of it. On the other hand, Molloy lists many data to

support his argument while Grove just expresses his personal ideas

without evidence.

\The strength of Grove’s viewpoint is its dialectics. Firstly, he states

that government’s effort is advisable. As he said, ‘In case like this, it is always far better to overprepare than to underprepare. It is a smart

statement. Then he points out that there are some problems with the

supply of vaccine and puts forward the solution way. The author

finds the correct way to solve this problem.

However, Grove doesn’t use any evidence to support his ideas, so his

article seems subjective. Although he is a doctor, we don’t know

how authoritative he is in this area. So anyone can object his opinion

as long as the person can express some useful counter arguments.

Grove’s viewpoints seems a little weak without evidence.

By contrast, Molloy lists much evidence in his article. He uses many

data to illustrate the...
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