Critical Reflection of the Brands Hp and Glassons

Topics: Personal computer, Brand, Brand community Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: May 13, 2012
Critical Reflection of the Brands HP and Glassons
Brand consumption plays a big part in everyday lives. We all think consciously about the products we buy such as food, clothing and electronics and the certain brands they come in. The purpose of this reflection is to demonstrate how brands affect individual and communities’ perception when buying products and how the brands HP and Glassons play an important part of my life and how they reflect me. Brand community culture play very important roles when people purchase products. People tend to buy brands that they know they can trust and brands that they know won’t disappoint them. Brand communities such as Holden car users versus Ford car users bring together an awareness to other individuals over which brand is better to buy and use (Watkins, 2011). These communities share their values and perceptions of a particular brand that attracts other individuals into wanting to purchase and try for themselves that certain product. These brand communities tend to be people that often buy the same product again and again and are very loyal to the brand itself. For example if your car was a Holden and it broke down, people that are loyal to the brand Holden would most likely by another Holden knowing that they can trust the brand they are investing into. Brand communities influence how people perceive certain brands to others. Social norms, culture and communities of certain brand types all help form our attitudes towards particular brands, our values to those brands and our perceptions on how we see the brand. When we find brands we like we tend not to stray to an unknown brand we don’t know too well. This could be the case for PC computer users and Mac users. A person who knows how to work PC computers well may not want to invest in a Mac computer, as they may not know how a Mac works or doesn’t trust Mac computers as much as they trust a PC. This can be seen vice versa with Mac users not wanting to buy a PC. All...
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