Critical Perspectives on Management Case of Indian Call Centres

Topics: Critical theory, Karl Marx, Max Weber Pages: 5 (1816 words) Published: October 8, 2012

This report will be discussing and analysing critical perspectives on management and leadership, referring to how businesses are ran by managers, their strategies and behaviour used in the work place including towards staff. Both managers and leaders are trained to a level where they are able to manage or lead others for businesses, being able to work with customers, shareholders and clients internationally. A critical approach to evaluating existing theory can help to get beneath the surface and discover what is really going on. It can also be the starting point of sustainable improvement in the practice of management and leadership. Critical theory has been around for some time and people tend to use it in the way of leading, theses methods were being used in working environments before critical management studies came around. The context of critical management studies looks at enlightenment, modernism and postmodernism; enlightenment consists of looking at a situation from the outside as a whole. Modernism looks at the modern character or practise of things happening today and postmodernism is situations referred in the modernism way yet looked at through science and knowledge.

Critical management studies also look into situations at the work place like subordination, oppression, exploitation, discrimination and intimidation; all theses things tend to happen on a regular basis but never get to be addressed or handled. In this report I will be referring to 4 main key theorists that have expressed their general opinion on how things should be dealt with and handled. Through theses opinion laws have been made within countries to support individuals that have support through their human rights. By the end of the report it will explain how knowledge is used as an instrument of power within businesses, how language is portrayed when either stated out loud or through body whether it ending up being a constructive way or destructive way.

Throughout the report I will be identifying how employees at call centres put up with bullying and disrespect and will refer to four main key theorists and they are: Max Weber, Freud, Karl Marx and Habermas. Each of them has their own beliefs on how things are looked at nowadays and through this people have been able to fight for what they believe in and be able to feel safe in their working environment without feeling alarmed in their surroundings.

Call centres in India

Businesses are establishing fast around the world and there are always questions and faults that need to be discussed and brought to attention. A lot of theses businesses are based in the UK and USA where it is constantly on going. The down side of it all is that the employees that work there tend to have a social life outside of work so working hours are usually between 9:00am-5:00pm and as only so many people have the knowledge or have been trained to do so much at the work place, customer complaints are important to them but the business wishes to pass them on to other people that can be most helpful and answer he questions. Businesses have now hired employees around India so that theses calls can be diverted to them. The workers are trained to be able to speak English clearly and be able to pronounce certain words, getting customers being from different continents they would have to be able to ask and give information that all is able to understand. For businesses around the world it is a lot cheaper to do this as training and equipment doesn’t cost as much as if they were to do it in there own countries, employees based in India must meet all terms and conditions within the business or they will be ‘let go!’ Call centres in India have a lot of restrictions within the working place yet the employees don’t have a say in what they are not happy with. The team leader has full control over the employees as it is their responsibility to make sure that all enquires is...
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