Critical Pedagogy

Topics: Critical pedagogy, Pedagogy, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Transformative Pedagogy
Draws on the works of
Freire 1970 (Critical Pedagogy)
Vgotsky 1978 (Social Constructivism)
Bourdieu 1987(Social Reproduction)
Gardner 2000
Teese 2000 Australian
Zyngier 2004 Australian
Bland 2007 Australian
The concept of transformative pedagogy, in brief, encourages students to critically examine their assumptions of the world and therefore reflect on their responsibility/credit for the creation of their world. Assessment is by self and/or community and is made via observations of how the students perform/interact with the world rather than what they know or can do. This type of pedagogical approach suits marginalised students due to 1. the non-focus on written form of literacies/greater focus on other literacies 2.greater content representation of students world/less mainstream content 3.the attempt to incorporate/validate students cultural capital Traditional education

learning of facts and skills and concepts
Transformative education
generating descriptions, understandings
deep explorations of community
investigating stereotypical/power based beliefs
developing critical literacy
Co-centering Transformative and Traditional
a mixture of the two – ie spelling program using vocab encountered by students in TP tasks

Practical tasks that fall under TP approach
NB (it is less the task and more the approach to the task by staff that underpins the TP approach) SURVEYING/INTERVIEWING/RESEARCHING/DEBATING/PROFILING COMMUNITY/ VOLUNTEERING/PROMOTING/ADVERTISING/ROLEPLAYING

1.A focus on multi-literacies, not literacy ie graphic organisers, interactive websites – not reading/writing/spelling 2.Examining the contribution made to current/local community by members of students cultural background – interview, research 3.Record and compare students life histories – important events and why – shared across power bases – timelines, video diary 4.Utilising student cultural capital as context...
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