Critical Observation Paper

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  • Published : March 13, 2009
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Critical Observation Paper
Overeating is a problem that affects several people today. Overeating is an eating disorder that causes pain and humiliation to the people who are afflicted by this disease. The general public has come to accept bulimia and anorexia as a condition that cannot be helped by the person who has it. However, overeating is still considered to be a weakness by the general population. This makes it even harder for the person who suffers with this to get the help that they need. My niece, Jennifer Elswick, is one such person. She is a beautiful woman who struggles with this condition on a daily basis.

Jennifer is the mother of four beautiful children. She became a mother at a young age. Jennifer also struggles with depression and low self-esteem. Jennifer feels like she is stuck in a vicious cycle of doom because all of her conditions are intertwined. In order for Jennifer to begin to fix these problems, she must find the strength to face all of them at the same time, because each one on its own is enough to bring her down and cause her to fail.

Jennifer’s problems began when she was a teenager. She made some bad choices in her life. Jennifer discovered that she was pregnant when she was only sixteen years old. She did not think that she could handle being a mother at such a young age, so you opted for an abortion. This devastated her and she still struggles with the guilt of choosing this way out. Jennifer again found herself pregnant about six months later. Knowing how the first abortion affected her, she decided to carry this pregnancy to term and raise the baby. The father chose not to be involved in the pregnancy or with Jennifer. Jennifer’s father would no longer speak to her. Still with the support of her mother, Jennifer carried and delivered the baby. Soon she discovered the pressures of motherhood. She began to feel as though no other man would want her because she had a baby. Thus, the beginning of the depression was upon her....
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