Critical Mass: the It Creativity Challenge

Topics: Creativity, Social network service, Knowledge management Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Base in Calgary, Critical Mass was founded in 1995. This company has become highly successful in the Internet services industry with a list of very reputable clients. Far more than being a simple web design company, they offer all sorts of different digital marketing services. Today the Internet industry, in which we find company like Critical Mass, is changing a lot. The social network vehicles have created a generation that has access to a lot more information. Consumers are becoming highly demanding in terms of creativity. Therefore, it has become a challenge for companies like Critical Mass to sustain the creative and innovative thinking of their employees. Moreover, finding the skilled resources that has the required creative ability has become a costly challenge as well.

How should Burk and Kramer go about determining whether the current suite of creativity-enhancing activities and facilities are the best ones?

Brian Kramer and Gordon Burk should definitely listen to what their employee think about the creativity-enhancing activities and facilities. Since, there is no hard evidence offered that any of these activities actually lead to useful new ideas. Each of the employees that participate should be ask for some feedback about these activities they are doing. Also, the activities themselves need to be looked at carefully to determine what can be done to make it more effective. Employees are the most important as well as the most reliable resources at Critical Mass. Some sort of metrics like anonymus surveys could be an efficient and discrete manner to assess which of the activities are the best ones.

Should any of the current approaches be discontinued? Should new ones be added?

It will be important to look over the survey results and listen to what the employees have to say on the current approaches. Methods for encouraging creative thinking and innovation, like wiki’s, writing widget and developing application, have worked in other...
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