Critical Literacy Autobiography

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  • Published : November 11, 2012
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Kenzie Treese
Professor Higgins
English 110
5 September 2012
Kenzie’s Literacy of Reading and Writing
For a girl like me, reading and writing has never come easy. I understand how to read and write I just don’t have a big vocabulary or a desire to open up a book and read. Not putting blame on any one individual, I just feel as if all throughout my education I haven’t been taught how to write well. Maybe writing is something you can’t be taught how to do but I have some friends who are amazing writers and plan to continue their education in journalism. They all have had the same teachers I have had and all have been taught the same curriculum but somehow I fall short as a writer.

I don’t believe writing is something you can be literate about I feel you either have a desire to write or you don’t. I have learned to read and write minimal and in the next decade I feel students will be taught less and less on how to read and write. Eventually the way of learning will be vocal and all you will have to know is how to listen and speak. Most commonly, when I have to write it’s not out of finding fun in writing it is more because of an assignment like this where the only end result is a grade and I feel as if more students feel the same way because there is so much technology that you don’t have to be as creative as in the past. My favorite reading is dramas. Things that I can relate to in my everyday life, I love those books that you just can’t put down no matter how hard you try, therefore, I hate those books that you are dragging yourself along in just for the end grade. I find writing fun if I am writing about a topic that I can relate closely too. Although, I do find that writing for fun still doesn’t come easy and I still spend hours trying to figure out how I want to put the words on a piece of paper. In the story from Malcolm X, he is full of knowledge; he repeatedly states different historical events with their dates. He has knowledge that he can...
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