Critical Lens : the Lovely Bones and the Color Purple

Topics: Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones, The Color Purple Pages: 3 (1202 words) Published: September 25, 2011
Critical Lens Essay
Somebody once said, “In literature, evil often triumphs but never conquers”. Both The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and The Color Purple by Alice Walker prove this quote true. Throughout The Lovely Bones, a family struggles with the dreadful murder and rape of a family member. The book demonstrates how the family only got stronger with the passage of time. Their success in moving forward in life regardless of their encounter with such an evil act emphasizes the victory of good over evil. In addition to The Lovely Bones, the book The Color Purple clearly displays the brutality two sisters must constantly face by being physically and sexually abused by their father. The quote is verified as truth in this book as well because concluding the book, the two sisters endure the malicious doings and not only survive, but they defeat their obstacles and end up independent and free women. In the novel The Lovely Bones, there is an essence that evil triumphs over good, but it doesn’t conquer the entire novel. Mr. Harvey directly embodies the evil nature that follows rape and murder. On the other hand, Susie exemplifies good and innocence. With the act of Susie’s rape and murder committed by Mr. Harvey, it seems as if evil overpowered the force of good. In reality, good remained strong throughout the book because love kept Susie’s spirit alive and well. Susie’s family suffered a terrible loss when Susie died. Their ability to persevere in life and have the ability to move on after experiencing a tragedy, like losing a family member, emphasizes the strength of good can overcome even the obstacles of evil. “I watched my beautiful sister running and I knew she was not running away from me or toward me. Like someone who has survived a gut-shot, the wound had been closing, closing, braiding into a scar for eight long years.” (p.242) This quote describes the battle Susie’s sister has been struggling with for a long period of time, but it also demonstrates...
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