Critical Lens Essay; the Words of Lm Montgomery

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  • Published : May 5, 2012
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In all aspects of life, one must face consequences for wrongful actions. L.M Montgomery states, "... We pay a price for everything we get or take in this world..." This statement suggest that one's choices and actions always have results that can come back and affect the outcome of one's life. This idea is supported in the literary works of Great Gatsby and Lord of the Flies, where the choices and actions of the characters caused them great pain. The words of L.M Montgomery in F.Scott Fitzgerald's the Great Gatsby, a story of a man's unfailing love for a woman. This story finds Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan as these lovers who were reconnected after what seems like an eternity. This reunion reignites old flames and Jay, who has become extremely wealthy through means to win Daisy back, despite the fact that she has married into "high society". Jay thinks that Daisy will leave her fortune but he was wrong. This indicates that Daisy is more obsessed with her social status and wealth and that it is more important to her than love. Her blindness from her fortune would then lead to the demise of Gatsby. When Daisy chooses Tom to be her husband, Gatsby is shot dead. The outcome of this incident, reinforce the theme that every decision has its consequences, Daisy would soon realize that she can no longer have a lifestyle with the man she truly loves. She was so blinded from her status and fortune that she was punished for her wrongs. Lord of the Flies is another piece that shows how the price was so trememdous that it affected the lives of the boys who were living on the island. These boys was given a sense of freedom from the adults, now that they are free, it was up to them to make it work. William Golding, the author of this book used many symbolism in the literature. The most important symbol of the story was the conch which represents civilized life and order. When Jack turns on Ralph and becomes savage, he made the choice to rebel...
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