Critical Lens

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Mohamed Abdelrahman
Critical Lens Essay
Grade 11

George Moore once said: “Difficulty in life is a choice”. This quote states that Life can be full of difficulties and a choice can either change your entire life into a positive way or destruct you and the people around you. I agree with this quote because sometimes the choice that a person is willing to decide can make others sad but on the other hand will lead to his happiness and freedom so its difficult to make that choice. This quote is clearly shown in The Crucible by Arthur Miller and To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee which shows how making a choice affect characters inside the story and in the same time affect other people’s lives in either a positive or negative way. Literary element used by Arthur Miller is Irony, which represents how Proctor’s decision affected his life in an unexpected way to us readers. Literary element used by Harper Lee is characterization, which represents how Atticus was able to keep up with his decision about Blacks and stand against people he loves for a choice he made. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller. John Proctor, who is a good man that is accused of witchcraft and denied it at the beginning. He chooses death by sacrificing his good reputation in order to protect Elizabeth Proctor, his wife. The type of irony that is used in this act is a situational irony; Proctor chose to agree with the accusation to save his wife from being hanged and he sacrificed his reputation; However, he didn’t fear the outcome, which is death. Another example is Giles Corey who also chose death because he refused to confess or give in evidence that the court needs. So as a result, Giles got stoned to death. These two characters made a choice for what they believe in and to save people they love and they didn’t fear the outcome. In To kill a mockingbird, Harper Lee characterizes Atticus as a strong and moral man who stands up to a racist and...
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