Critical Lens

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  • Published : August 13, 2012
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Michelle Veliz
Period 7
Critical Lens Essay
A famous author named Richard Wright once said, “All literature is a protest”. In simpler terms, books have been written to raise awareness about problems in order for humans to find solutions for them. This quote is true because in most works of literature the author makes their characters go through difficult obstacles to overcome that not everyday people go through. The book Night was written to protest against anti-Semitism, which means hatred towards Jews. This book took place during the Holocaust where times were hard and unforgettable for the Jews. The main character Elie takes the reader on a grieving journey where he describes his accounts from the Holocaust where he was mistreated and was seen as an outsider. On the other hand, the book Animal Farm by George Orwell was written to alert the world about totalitarian leaders and perplexed people. Totalitarian leaders had control over society, which gave them the right to mistreat their people and abuse their power. Napoleon who was the main villain of Animal Farm was in charge over the farm. He called himself the owner and the ones who were less powerful his slaves. The animals weren’t given any power because they were perplexed. They easily let Napoleon become superior over them. Overall, both of these texts Night and Animal Farm demonstrate that writing literature is used to raise awareness about world problems.   Wiesel protests anti-Semitism in Elle’s accounts as a prisoner from Auschwitz. Since Elie was a Jew, he never got any special type of treatment from the Nazi soldiers at the concentration camp. Instead the Nazi soldiers always thought of ways to torture the Jews for no important reason. Surprisingly, even if the Nazi soldiers hated the Jews they gave them a few pieces of bread to eat. However, once these Jews stopped receiving bread they had to eat the unimaginable things nobody thought they would eat. In one particular scene...
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